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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blitzkrieg, days 1-3

As in 2004, the neurologists recommended that I undergo a treatment of corticosteroids designed to whip my immune system back into shape and get it stop eating my brain. I had the option of anywhere from three to five days of one-hour infusions at the local hospital, to be followed by a course of the same treatment in pill form.

Day 1

I unexpectedly passed out on day 1, when the nurse tried to put the IV in my left arm. They made me put the oxygen tube in my nose, put the IV in the right arm and gave me grape juice. And took me out to the parking lot in a wheelchair. You win some you lose some.

A common side-effect: sleeplessness. I might have gotten a couple of hours in that night, but it wasn't pretty.

Day 2

Pretty unremarkable.  Right arm a little sore where the foreign object is placed. Could probably get used to it.

I slept all night thanks to another medicine (medicine to fix medicine and so on) and was ready to go for day 3.

Day 3

Side effects: About an hour after treatment this morning, my right hand (which holds the IV catheter) began to swell up and stiffen. No color change, no significant discomfort, but pretty weird. Doctors agree that three days will be quite enough this time around. 

Mom pulled my IV out today, after which I was simultaneously wired and exhausted. Tomorrow I start the pills to taper off the treatment.

This "blitzkrieg" treatment is just to kick things off. After it's over, we'll be looking at more long-term, preventative measures.

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